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When most people think of sustainable or “green” design, we imagine solar energy and rain water harvesting. We usually don’t think of mega-yachts and Monte Carlo –yet there is a natural and unexplored opportunity.

Victoria Cerrone is co-founder of Ports of Cause, a not-for-profit organization which leverages the power and reach of the yachting industry to champion ocean advocacy and promote sustainable luxury. Their mission is to unify and motivate the yachting industry under the “SMART YACHTING” initiative which drives a global awareness, education and innovation campaign around clean oceans and sustainability.

An attorney by training, she shifted away from the world of litigation, and built a portfolio of expertise in leading and advising business start-ups in the luxury brand market, and the art and cultural industries.  In 2012, as a participant in Startup Weekend Orlando 2012, Victoria and her team came in 2nd place out of 44 with their idea for an online platform for artists to engage buyers, showcase and sell their work.

Today, she describes her role as creative strategist—the art of finding the shared interests among different but complementary worlds.  The glittery world of megayachts; the urgency of ocean environment sustainability. Together: smarter yachts; cleaner oceans,  an unexpected alliance that gives Victoria Cerrone a most remarkable work environment.