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Just because a job or position doesn’t exist where you currently work doesn’t mean you can’t do it…

Aspiring writers, musicians, photographers and producers are no longer beholden to “the studios” to provide the equipment, produce and finance a project. That technology is available on your personal computer, iPad—even on your telephone.

Trina Sargalski grew up in Miami.  She transitioned from a career in education to a career as a freelance writer and radio producer/reporter.  She shares with us the personal career path she’s developed that incorporates her passions for “good food and good stories.”

Today, she’s creating audio stories about South Florida for Under the Sun on WLRN 91.3 FM, South Florida’s NPR station.  She also writes and produces media for Miami Dish, a website about “everything edible and local in Miami.” She demonstrates that you can create the job you want, once you understand what it’s possible to do.