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Here’s an interview question you might not have run into before:

Do you believe that life is (a) a set of circumstances one makes the best of, or (b) that life is a result of choices one has made?

Today’s guest, Rhonni Dubose asks this question to every person she interviews. She is a Festival Professional, who has crafted a career as an entrepreneur within the world of outdoor theme parks known as Renaissance Festivals.

Privately owned Renaissance festivals are big business, plunging millions of dollars into their host communities. We know, for example, that the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, Calif attracts 200,000 visitors and pumps an estimated $8.2 million into the area's economy each year; and a Renaissance festival, that debuted in Wisconsin in 2005, is expected to generate $15 million within five years, according to the Chippewa County Economic Development Corp.

If your passion and skill set revolves around combat and chivalry, archery, heraldry, equestrian activities, costuming, cooking, metalwork, woodworking, music, dance, calligraphy, fiber arts, you can connect with this robust marketplace at a link on our website, Livelihood You can also read the article so you want to work at a renaissance festival , and learn more about Rhonni’s experience as a blissciplined serial entrepreneur, who has crafted a life in which she is surrounded by people who do what they love. Check out her blog at