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Catharine Bramkamp – Are You A Role Model?

Everyone in life has a purpose,…even if it’s to serve as a bad example. In the burgeoning world of coaches, consultants and mentors, what should we look for when we assess the value of our role models?

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Diana Robinson of Graebel and C.R.E.W Atlanta

Diana Robinson, lived in 8 places between the ages of 6 and 14 as she was growing up as a child in a military family. She’s had 18 addresses, so far, she says. “I am like the “Morton Salt of moving” she tells me.. “ when it rains, it pours!”

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Darell Hammond of Kaboom

Darell Hammond read a story in the Washington Post about two local children who suffocated while playing in an abandoned car because they didn’t have anywhere else to play. Darell realized this tragedy could have been prevented.

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Livelihood Presents: Jennifer Bradley

Jennifer Bradley is a fellow at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and the co-author of The Metropolitan Revolution (Brookings Press, 2013). The book, and her work in general, explain the critical role of metropolitan areas in the country’s economy, society, and politics. Jennifer has written for The New Republic, the Atlantic Monthly, and Democracy.

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Steve Rothschild: Good Work as a Strategic Plan

Nonprofit leaders know that solving pervasive social problems requires passion and creativity as well as tangible results. The The Non Nonprofit: For-Profit Thinking for Nonprofit Success shares the same business principles that drive the world's best companies,...

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Ken Tucker and The Leadership Triangle

The Miami Book Fair is a place for bringing new ideas, and the book that Ken Tucker has written with Kevin Ford called The Leadership Triangle, Three Gifts that Will Change the Way you Lead, does just that.

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Success Freaks Charles McFall and R. Mordant Mahon

Our guests, Charles McFall and Mordant Mahon, call themselves Success Freaks, Success Ninjas and Comedic Motivational Speakers. They have some energizing ideas that can help us build capacity for sustainable achievement using focus, honesty and laughter.

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