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Trisha Torrey – Patient Advocate*

When a medical crisis happens to us, to or to someone we love, we find ourselves literally in a fight for our lives with little time for preparation or negotiation. We struggle to come up to speed on a disturbing new vocabulary, a complex set of decisions with unpredictable outcomes, decisions about the costs of health care that can bankrupt a family.

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Paul Tieger Shows Us How to ‘Do What You Are’

How do you make your Livelihood decisions? It’s a decision that affects everything in our future, not just how we spend 50 weeks a year, but often the neighborhood in which we choose to live, how much money we’ll get to make and who our friends are going to be. Career...

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Jodi Johnson Action Coach!

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? Why not? Is it because business is keeping you busy? Being a business owner is more than owning your own business. It’s having the freedom to go on vacation with your family and having your business run without you.

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Victoria Cerrone with Ports of Cause

When most people think of sustainable or “green” design, we imagine solar energy and rain water harvesting. We usually don’t think of mega-yachts and Monte Carlo –yet there is a natural and unexplored opportunity.

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Ellen Bristol: Fundraising Guru

An artist is a person who creates, practices or demonstrates their creative talent through performance. Realists, says the Urban Dictionary, are the people who understand what needs to be done, and who do it to make the world a better place. Think about your personal...

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Nina Kaufman with the Million Dollar Road Map!

What happens when you realize that you're the bottleneck inhibiting your business's growth and profitability?

Nina Kaufman is a business attorney and small business champion who caught my attention with her Checklist for Small Business Owners.

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Rhonni Dubose

Do you believe that life is (a) a set of circumstances one makes the best of, or (b) that life is a result of choices one has made?

Today’s guest, Rhonni Dubose asks this question to every person she interviews. She is a Festival Professional, who has crafted a career as an entrepreneur within the world of outdoor theme parks known as Renaissance Festivals.

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