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Willy Walker: Real-World Risk-Taker

William “Willy” Walker is the chairman, president and CEO of Walker & Dunlop, a 76-year-old company that is the tenth largest commercial mortgage lender in the United States. The company was co-founded by his grandfather in 1937. For most people, joining the family business right after college would have been the automatic choice. But when Willy received his MBA from Harvard, he took a daring, unexpected detour.

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Trina Sargalski: Cooking up a Path to a New Career

Trina Sargalski grew up in Miami.  She transitioned from a career in education to a career as a freelance writer and radio producer/reporter.  She shares with us the personal career path she’s developed that incorporates her passions for “good food and good stories.”

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Danny Scheurer and Kurt Walchle on Livelihood Show

Danny Scheurer founded Save-A-Vet after returning home to Illinois with disabilities sustained while serving in Iraq. Save-A-Vet helps dogs injured on military or law enforcement duty by hiring veterans to care for and manage them. The group, says Danny, has three...

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Miami International Bookfair: Author MJ Rose

Our guest is PR expert MJ Rose, who left advertising to become a novelist– only to find that the key to her success as a successful writer would draw upon the corporate skills she thought she was leaving behind. Have you ever been blown off with the criticism “That’s...

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Michelle Villalobos and the “Uh Oh” Experience

Today’s guest, Michelle Villalobos, rewires the uh oh experience.  In her world, those moments of dismay can serve as early signals. They let you know that the path you’re on will no longer take you where you hope to go. Uh oh is the sound of waking up, and realizing...

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Dorie Clark: Strategic Communications

If you can imagine your future, you can create it. Dorie Clark, who writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review, describes the essential elements for this process:  insightful self-inventory;  awareness of your unique and essential values;  crafting a new narrative.

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