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Creating what's next on your personal career path.

The Livelihood Show interviews pathfinders who are re-imagining and re-creating their professional identities, and developing personal career paths that are productive and fulfilling.

LIVELIHOOD  SHOW features the stories of people who are pathfinders in the New Economy, reinventing how they make a living and make a difference.  Host Marcy Rosenbaum interviews guests who share their personal struggles, surprising choices and unexpected opportunities as they adapt to changes in the economic and social environment and navigate unfamiliar career paths.

Marcy interviews writers, bloggers, authors and career coaches with innovative perspectives on work, careers and entrepreneurship. Listeners discover their untapped resources and reawaken a sense of purpose, passion and mastery in their working life.

Featured episode

Ernie Urquhart. “It is what it is”.

Ernie Urquhart, built a career by making choices, not waiting to be chosen. And when he found his path hidden by unplanned and unexpected events, he found a way to continue to tell his personal career path story. Ernie’s a role model for the facing the truth and finding the personal meaning inside the story. Learn more about Urquhart's story by listening to this week's podcast!

Ernie Urquhart
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Past episodes

Charles Regal
Charles Regal: Pet Mediator

Charles Regal: Pet Mediator

For many couples, the bond they have with their pets turns out to be more enduring than the one they made with their spouse or domestic partner. When a couple breaks up, what becomes of their dog, cat, horse or rabbit? If courts and attorneys get involved, the only...