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Creating what's next on your personal career path.

The Livelihood Show interviews pathfinders who are re-imagining and re-creating their professional identities, and developing personal career paths that are productive and fulfilling.

LIVELIHOOD  SHOW features the stories of people who are pathfinders in the New Economy, reinventing how they make a living and make a difference.  Host Marcy Rosenbaum interviews guests who share their personal struggles, surprising choices and unexpected opportunities as they adapt to changes in the economic and social environment and navigate unfamiliar career paths.

Marcy interviews writers, bloggers, authors and career coaches with innovative perspectives on work, careers and entrepreneurship. Listeners discover their untapped resources and reawaken a sense of purpose, passion and mastery in their working life.

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Jeremy Houghton
Jeremy Houghton: Sommelier

Jeremy Houghton: Sommelier

Jeremy Houghton is a trained chef. Some of his favorite culinary experiences have been in Alaska and New Mexico where he has cooked bear, antelope, elk and moose.

He wanted something more. He decided to go back to graduate school—studying wine and earning level two certification as a sommelier.

Brian Phelan and Dean Mike Hampton
Brian Phelan and Dean Mike Hampton: Taking Hospitality in a New Direction

Brian Phelan and Dean Mike Hampton: Taking Hospitality in a New Direction

This is the high season in South Beach Florida, and we revel in the festivals that take advantage of our sunshine and mild winter weather.  Last week’s event was the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.  We attended the festival and met up there Dean Mike Hampton.  He’s the Dean of Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.