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What would you do if your partner went missing?

Kat Albrecht was an experienced police officer, cross trained in search and rescue procedures. One day her partner—a bloodhound named A.J. —went missing. He wasn’t “just a dog”- with years of training and experience, he was a valuable asset to the search and rescue team. Anyone who has partnered with a working dog, and anyone who has bonded with a pet as a member of their family, knows that the connection between people and their animals is strong.

Using the very same procedures used to find missing people: scent trails, behavior analysis and tracking methods, Kat used another trained search and rescue dog to track and recover A.J.  The impact of her experience brought her to an insight: search and rescue procedures could be applied to find lost pets.

As many as 5 million pets go missing in the US each year, according to Veterinarian News. Many animals we see on the street, says Albrecht, aren’t abandoned– they’re lost. Recovering missing pets helps decrease the problem of strays ending up in animal shelters, in addition to reuniting members of a family.

Albrecht launched Missing Pet Partnership to train teams to apply these practices in their own communities. She’s appeared on Animal Planet; written a book called Dog Detective: Train Your Dog To Find Lost Pets.

Kat Albrecht transferred her skills to provide an innovative solution to a problem. She found the intersection between her passion, her skills and the marketplace to create work she loves. You can learn more about her experience, be inspired, and find ideas, resources and insights to help you navigate your personal career path.

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Here’s link to her book Dog Detectives: How to Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets (Dogwise Training Manual)