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Leading under pressure—is there any other kind of leadership?

Livelihood guest Dr. Gaby Cora believes that people can avoid burn out by anticipating stress and building daily reserves by continually recharging our energy.

Doing work you love can be dangerous to your work-life balance.  When you love what you do, it’s hard to shift gears away from work.

Think of the Prius hybrid electric car: it’s a “charge sustaining” hybrid vehicle. This means that it recharges itself while its operates (using the power from acceleration from the small gasoline engine);  it also recovers and stores energy created during coasting and braking.

Join our conversation with Dr. Gaby Cora as she describes ways in which you can avoid burnout and increase your energy. In today’s demanding environment, stress and pressure can translate to well-being—if you know how to manage it.