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Psychologist Dan Lobovits wasn’t seeking change. He had a satisfying career helping people and communities deal with the emotional impact of trauma. An accomplished marathoner, his Twitter profile describes him as “ loving my work wife, kids, dog, gardening, bread making, beachwalks, and of course, yoga”.

As his parents and their generation encountered the ageing process, his experience and sensitivity helped him re-envision aging as a life stage with its own unique stage of life, rather than as a trauma or a condition of illness. He utilized a unique set of personal resources-a sense of optimism steeped in his admiration for the survivors of trauma and an entrepreneurial inclination that defines unmet needs as opportunities rather than problems. He shifted his professional practice to create a business called LifeSpan Health Services to develop products and services to promote health and well-being to help our aging population master the art of growing older while healthier, and with grace and wisdom.

And who could have imagined that this mid-career marathoner who has logged 40,000 miles of running would become a poster boy for the best practices of his new organization?

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Dr. Dan Lobovits is Founder/CEO LifeSpan Health Services, LLC. whose mission is to help people live well longer and age gracefully. They provide brain health assessment and training, individual and group counselling and community lectures. They are actively building a network of strategic partnerships with clients and families, academia and private healthcare providers.

In 2011, he received the Outstanding scholarship Award, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California.

Here’s link to reach Dr. Dan Lobovits

Lifespan Health Services has made a corporate decision to deepen its commitment to brain health research. Each month a portion of Lifespan’s profit goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation so it can continue its vital work. Dan says, “As we help you, you help the cause of conquering brain disease.”