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Danny ScheurerDanny Scheurer founded Save-A-Vet after returning home to Illinois with disabilities sustained while serving in Iraq. Save-A-Vet helps dogs injured on military or law enforcement duty by hiring veterans to care for and manage them. The group, says Danny, has three objectives: “Create facilities in every state for our K-9 partners; hire retired, injured or disabled law enforcement and military veterans to live and work in the facilities; and lobby to have the dogs classified as veterans rather than equipment.”

Kurt Walchele founded Survival Straps on a camping trip. What do you do when your watchband breaks? If you’re Kurt Walchle you find a way to fix the problem, launch a business and create a product whose potential for doing good is unlimited. His product, Survival Straps, creates watchbands woven from a dozen feet of super strong military spec paracord which you can unravel, in an emergency, to give you a rope that will hold, tie, fasten, connect and secure just about anything.