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Join our conversation this week with Drew Borsz, whose career path took him outside the usual business world.

Imagine this as your resume: Special Forces Green Beret. Senior Noncommissioned Officer/Senior Communications Sergeant on an “A Team” in the Middle East.

Then: Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School creating and teaching Special operations Forces Adaptive Thinking and Leadership course. Your audience: Special Forces soldiers; American and international diplomats. Imagine being the person they ask to develop the Cultural Support teams- women soldiers trained to reach out and build trust with women and communities in what the army euphemistically calls “current operating theaters” e.g.: war zones.

How does someone from a small city in the American Midwest create a career like this?

What is the work of a warrior-diplomat? And how did this Green Beret become the go-to guy for developing culturally sensitive negotiation skills which are now appear to be an essential strategy for preventing the spread of terrorism? What does he know about moving beyond your comfort zones that can help us imagine what might be possible, and what might be next?

“Livelihood” is honored to be talking today with Drew Borsz, retired Special Forces Noncommissioned Officer, and president of AKB Solutions Group in North Carolina.