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How would you know if the contact for your next great opportunity happened to be living across the street? How would someone who is looking for someone just like you realize that you are sitting just two tables away at Starbucks? Our first guest this week, Colleen Robb is Regional Advancement Director of Medshare a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving healthcare (and the environment) through the efficient recovery of surplus medical supplies and their redistribution to underserved healthcare facilities in developing countries, learned about the job while having drinks with a neighbor. He arranged a meeting for her at Medshare, and an important partnership was created.
Our 2nd guest, Anne B. Freedman, is President of Speak Out, Inc. which helps businesses and community leaders create and deliver presentations that get results, promote ideas and influence change. She launched an app called WOWPitch, which “helps you transform those face-to-face moments of opportunity into powerful connections by guiding you through selecting the right words to describe you and what you offer”.
To hear more from these two amazing women give a listen to this week's show.