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Are you a role model?

A role model is simply a person whose behavior or example is emulated by others.

Everyone in life has a purpose,…even if it’s to serve as a bad example. In the burgeoning world of coaches, consultants and mentors, what should we look for when we assess the value of our role models?

Today’s guest, author and writing coach Catherine Bramkamp,  believes that  a  good role model is generous…humble; willing to learn takes turns and stays real.

She’s parleyed her liberal arts education into a series of career choices: she sold real estate, then used that experience as a basis for writing a real estate murder mysteries; she specializes in helping newbie writers find their voices and business people find their messages.

I remember most of my English teachers as being fussy, critical and bored.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered Catherine Bramkamp, who is funny, warm and imaginative.  Just the person you want to have at your side when you are putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper.  In the future, I plan to hold all my potential role models to this new standard: the Bramkamp Standard.