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“How’s work going for you these days?”

Psychologist Barry Nierenberg, is a professor who runs the Study Center for Positive Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. Positive psychology is the science of well-being. You don’t have to wait around to be ‘empowered’—you can make well-being is an essential personal performance objective whether you work for someone else or you have your own business.

Dr. Nierenberg reveals an innovative set of benchmarks which give us a map to increase our confidence; orient us to our sense of purpose; and deepen our relationships. This new research gives us the tools for making good things better and bad things less frustrating.

The “how of happiness”, Dr. Nierenberg believes, helps us become more successful navigators on our personal career journey. He invites us to look at our professional lives and assess: What exactly am I doing well? What specifically brings me satisfaction? What can I do to make an unfulfilling work environment more satisfying? What can I do to make an unhappy work environment less toxic?

Your greatest opportunities emerge at the intersection of your expertise, your purpose and marketplace opportunities. Each week you’ll find ways to discover your essential strengths; define your personal mission; and discover the market niches that need your products and services. Get inspired and find ideas, resources and insights to help you navigate your personal career path.

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